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How many pictures do you take?
The number of pictures I take is not a set number.  For a typical session for family, baby/child, or engagement,  I will ask for a 4G memory card.  I shoot in a format that will give you both jpg and RAW images of each picture.   This will give approximately 150 pictures.  That number will vary slightly for each session.


Why don't you do editing or post production?
My approach is sweet and simple.  By removing the editing process, it allows me to keep the costs down to make the photographs affordable.  Also this allows you immediate access to your pictures.  



Where do you do your photo shoots?
Because I live in Chicago, I will be staying within the Chicagoland area for my photo shoots.  There is no specific location.  If you want to do your shoot in Chicago, I can provide you with a list of suggested locations that you can pick from and I will meet you there at our scheduled time.  If you are in the surrounding area, I will come to you at a location of your choosing.  As long as it is reasonable, I am willing to go to a couple locations for the shoot.  This can be discussed when we are setting up the shoot. 


What kind of  Memory Card do I need?
I have a Nikon camera, so any card that is compatible will work. 


What if I don't have a Memory Card?
If you don't have a memory card, we can still work together.  I will just use my own memory card and send you the pictures within 24 hours of finishing our photo shoot. 


What kind of guarantee do you offer?
Because I immediately hand over the memory card with all the pictures without editing, I can not guarantee that every picture will be perfect.  As I work in the moment to make adjustments, there will be some pictures that do not turn out.  There is also the unexpected (like a gust of wind or a baby sneezing) that could lead to a picture that may need to be deleted.  What I can guarantee is that there will be plenty of your pictures  you will be happy and satisfied with.  If it turns out you are unsatisfied with them all,  I will work with you to remedy the situation.  I do not want to leave you without the pictures you were expecting.
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