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     Sweet Memories ~ Simple Approach


My concept is simple.  I want to provide you with beautiful memories without the stress of throwing away all your hard earned money.  Once we pick a time that works for everyone involved, I will come to you (as long as you are somewhere in the Chicagoland area...some exceptions will apply. I would tell you to expect a couple hours for the average session which will cost a flat fee.  I have found that giving a set time does not allow for the is all about being flexible.  Now this is where my simple approach goes into action.  At the start of the session, I will ask for your memory card and I will use it in my camera.  This might seem strange but it allows you immediate access to your pictures.  When the session is done, you get the memory card and all the pictures I took no questions asked.  Because I hand over the pictures to you immediately after I take them it stands to reason that there will not be any editing that is done.  My goal during our session is to provide you with plenty of pictures that you will love that do not need any editing.  This allows you instant access to your photos that you can use to share with family and friends on your social media site of choice or send off to any number of websites that will print your pictures in as many shapes and sizes as you want.  As a photographer, I like to maintain a portfolio of all my work to help show off to potential clients, so I will download the photos that I have taken before I send you on your way.  I realize this method might be unconventional but I believe it provides an opportunity for everyone to get professional level photographs they might otherwise not have had due to the high cost of professional photography.  Everyone desires to preserve the sweet memories of a lifetime and I will do everything I can to bring that to you.  Please contact me with any questions and for a price quote. 


     Suzy Erickson

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